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iDemo; iJoomla Demo Site for Joomla 3


Demo Site for Joomla 3

What is iDemo?

iDemo is a Demo Site Builder for Joomla. iDemo is a Free Joomla 3 Component giving you ability for having a Responsive Demo Toolbar on a Joomla Website. This Free Joomla Component supports all Joomla! 3.x sub-versions and you can easily install it on your Joomla! 3.x website via Joomla! installation form.
iDemo is a Fully Responsive Demo Site Builder and is based on MVC, jQuery and CSS3.

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iCcordion; Accordion for Joomla! 3


Accordion Module for Joomla

What is iCcordion

iCcordion is a Fully Responsive Accordion for Joomla. iCcordion carries a Joomla Component and a Joomla Module for handeling the functions of recording/displaying the data you create. iCcordion Component has the responsibly of storing the data in the Joomla database and iCcordion Module displays the recorded data in the front end. Both iCcordion Component and iCcordion Module are included in a quick install package and you can easily install them via Joomla installation form.

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iToggle; Responsive Toggle for Joomla! 3


Toggle for Joomla 3

What is iToggle?

iToggle is a Fully Responsive Toggle for Joomla. iToggle has a user friendly UI and lets you have unlimited Toggle Modules on You Joomla web page. This Responsive Joomla Toggle is created based on MVC, jQuery and CSS3 and is a Joomla! 3.x Compatible Toggle. iToggle is very easy to use but powerful Joomla Extension. To find out more about iToggle features, continue reading this article.

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iTab; Responsive TabStrip for Joomla! 3


Tabs Module for Joomla

What is iTab?

iTab is a Free Tab Module for Joomla. iTab lets you have unlimited TabStrip Modules for Your Joomla! Website. This Tab Module is based on jQuery and CSS3 and has many features which make it the best choice for you as a Tabs Module.

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