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How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

Contact form is the most common communication solution for websites. As an administrator, you need a gate open for your visitors so they can send you their messages, feedback etc. and having a contact form on your website, covers this necessity. In this tutorials I walk you through the process of Creating a Contact form in Joomla! So, you'll be able to create as many as contact forms for your Joomla! website, linked to the emails you'd like.
Joomla! provides a built-in component called "Contacts". This component helps you make categories for your contacts and create as many contacts you need and put them in relevant categories. You ready to get started? So, let's go!

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How to Recover Joomla! Administrator Password via PHPMyAdmin

Joomla! Administration Password Recovery

For some reasons Joomla! admin password may be lost. In this situation, the administrator needs a solution to reset his/her password in order to take the website under control again. Resetting the password will be an easy job if you still have access to the hosting account of the website. In this article we will describe, how to recover a Joomla! administration password via PHPMyAdmin.

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Get 50% Off for All Purchases!

iJoomla's December Promo Program

iJoomla! has offered you 50% Off for every purchase you make until the end of 2015. You can type promo code DEC_PROMO_50_PERCENT in the relevant text box of the checkout page and hit the "Re-Calculate" button to discount the amount of the product and then proceed with payment.

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