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Joomla! Extensions

What Provide?

iJoomla! is a website providing and Premium Joomla! Extensions. The extensions we provide are made by the latest technologies of Joomla! extension development standards. Also, we always pay attention to aesthetics and try to produce nice looking and likely extensions. iJoomla! takes care of its users' tastes and tries to let them customize its products as they wish.

Download Extensions

How to Download Joomla! Extensions?

Downloading is so easy here. The only you need is an iJoomla! account. After logging in your account you will have access to all of the iJoomla! Components, Modules, Plugins etc. There are documentation, demo and license information available for each extension as well. So, you will know what are you about to download exactly, before download.

Ongoing Support

You are Most Welcome to Our Helpdesk!

We provide ongoing support for what we provide. It's our pleasure to help you in any general or technical issue. So, when you have an iJoomla! account, you can count on us, feel to get in touch with us and be sure you are not alone in dealing with our works.
support[at]ijoomla[dot]org is our contact bridge.

Guidelines and Documentations

You are Dealing with Really Well Documented Extensions!

As said, all products have very well combined and descriptive documentations. We have mentioned all you may need to know about an extension in its documentation in order to make its usage as simple as possible for you. But there are always exceptions. So, if you have a question about a product and you can not find your answer in its documentation, please let us know about it so we can help you and also add your question to the FAQ and inform others about the subject.
The documentations are available to download as well. Just go to the relevant page and scroll down to the bottom of the article and find the download button, to save it in PDF.

Licensing and Rights

iJoomla! Provides Original Contents/Products Only

All of iJoomla! products are protected by GPL version 2 or later license. You can download and use our products as many as you need. But please remember that providing them is limited by this license.
To find out more about the rights and copyright rules, please see the licensing page.

Next Step

Our Plans for the Future

What you are seeing on this website is not all we have! We are working hard to present more interesting products. In the future, you will find more Joomla! Extensions, Joomla! Templates, Joomla! Tutorials etc.